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The titles of the stories lead to the story’s page, which contains a synopsis. The stories are from newest to oldest.


World of Warcraft Class Micro-Stories

Tales of the Graveyard Shift (Current Work in Progress)

The Trouble with Gods (Complete – 22,600 words)

Fair to Middlin’ (Complete- 26,700 words)

Come Hell, High Water, or Both (Complete – 43,800 words)

And They Say that a Demon Can Save Us (Complete – 21,900 words)

War of the Wee Ones (Complete – 18,800 words)

Evil is as Evil Does (Complete – 4100 words)

It Ends with a Teardrop (Complete – 3500 words)

Hell Bent for Leather (Complete – 4200 words)


NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge 2016

Writing Contests:

Fan Fictions (World of Warcraft)

Potato Chip Prompts – All Prompts 500 Words or Less

Writing Prompts – All Prompts Over 500 Words

Book Reviews

Commander Lillian