Potato Chip Prompt – Banks and Lawyers: Vultures and Wolves


Banks are there for the optimistic, and lawyers are the last resort of the ones who have drowned but don’t realize they’re dead yet. They both run on something that has no soul: money. Yet people still feed the gluttonous beasts in the hope that something positive can grow from the roots of something corrupt. Like planting dead seeds in barren soil, yet expecting an orchard of juicy fruit.

No good can come from either, yet here we were. I was withdrawing my meager savings, painstakingly deposited to hopefully pave the way for a better life, and borrowing against my equity. All in order to pay a lawyer in the hopes that another lawyer won’t take me for all I’m worth, and more. Like taking food from vultures to feed a starving wolf in the hopes it’ll fend off the other, just as hungry wolf, in gratitude for the sustenance. Soon, though, the vultures will circle, looking for their fair share plus more, and the food you took from the vultures to feed the wolf only whets the hungry beast’s appetite. Neither are satisfied for very long, if at all.

Because you are not a person. You are nothing more than the sum of numbers gathered and calculated by the vultures and the wolves, who feast on your flesh and the marrow in your bones. That is, until nothing is left but the desiccated and broken fragments of you and your family.

“Pleasure doing business with you,” the vulture said, and held out a hand for me to shake.

I said nothing in response, but nodded instead, and shook his hand.

I exit the vultures’ nest, and make my way toward the den of wolves on the other side of town. The alpha wolf’s smile is as sharp and predatory as his suit, and he was just as equally eager to do business with me as the vulture.

I liked to hope I could be the better predator and make out the other end of this alive, but the chances were slimmer than my savings as of an hour ago.

“Let’s see what we can do to make sure we win this,” the hungry wolf growled, and gestured for me to sit down across the desk from where he was seated.

I sat and said a silent prayer, but when you choose to do business with vultures and wolves, using the very heart of greed as currency, it was unlikely a divine life preserver would be thrown your way.

Greed does not rest until it is satisfied, and greed is never satisfied…Sam Eastland.

Author: lotwordsmiths

Hello, there! I'm Toni, and I've been writing and reading primarily fantasy stories most of my life. What really set me on the path to be a writer was my 6th grade English teacher, Mrs. Thomas, who told me she could see me as an author some day. I made Legends of the Wordsmiths to share my stories, and hopefully, (someday), the stories of others, too.!

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