Potato Chip Prompt: Loneliness


The sounds of loneliness are a man playing blues with a saxophone on a nearly deserted street corner; a woman sighing as she peels the label from her beer while she sits in a bar; or the squeak of a swing as the child who sits on it looks over an empty playground.

The colors of loneliness are the pink of the flowers on a sympathy card that reads, ‘sorry for your loss’; the green of the first shoots of grass on a loved one’s grave; or the clear blue of the sky spread over a park where a man used to walk with his ex-fiancé.

The smells of loneliness are an old, often read, and well-cared for book, but no one to share the story with; the robust red sauce and garlic on the breadsticks that wafts through the house, but he’s the only one who lives there; or a freshly laundered blanket, and no one to cuddle under it with her.

Author: lotwordsmiths

Hello, there! I'm Toni, and I've been writing and reading primarily fantasy stories most of my life. What really set me on the path to be a writer was my 6th grade English teacher, Mrs. Thomas, who told me she could see me as an author some day. I made Legends of the Wordsmiths to share my stories, and hopefully, (someday), the stories of others, too.!

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